Time? Astonishing! (Colored Vinyl, Orange, Blue)

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If there’s a secret to time travel, Kool Keith owns the patent. Even a flying DeLorean seems too conventional for the Bronx legend. He’d more logically orbit throughout the galaxy in a gleaming chrome spaceship, teaching the stars and aliens new forms of originality. He is too weird to live, too rare to die, too uniquely ultra-magnetic to be accurately mimicked.

Released on Mello Music Group, Time? Astonishing! is the latest dimensional warp from hip-hop’s premiere astral traveler. His union with MMG producer L’ Orange finds him exploring uncharted terrain: choppy volcanic rock planets, ice glacier moons, new surgical procedures, and fresh rappers to toss into the ether. The scalpel remains eternally sharp.


1. Time? Astonishing! (inst.) 
The Traveler (feat. J-Live) 
3. The Green Ray 
4. Twenty Fifty Three (feat. Mr. Lif) (free) 
5. Meanwhile, Back Home (feat. Open Mike Eagle) 
6. The Wanderer
7. This New World (feat. Blu, Montage One & DJ Trackstar) 
8. Dr. Bipolar 
9. Suspended Animation (feat. MC Paul Barman) (Interlude) 
10. I Need Out Of This World (feat. MindsOne) 
11. Upwards. To Space!
12. Days I Used To Know (inst.) 
13. Bonus: Sometimes I Feel 

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