Flying Out

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If David Lynch had directed Miami Vice, this would be the soundtrack

Following her self-released debut Hope Is Rubbery, Little Bark has spent the last three years readying herself for her sophomore album USB. Co-produced with long-term collaborator Stef Animal (The Golden Awesome, Mestar), the synth-based album is laid out like a film soundtrack with synth pop songs interspersed with lush instrumentals.

Drawing influence from 80s heroines like Madonna through to modern day experimental electro such as Fever Ray., Little Bark throws in a twisted coupling of Vangelis and Cyndi Lauper, yet even that image only just scratches the surface.

"Dark, wry, cinematic synth-pop, a timeless piece of work that echoes the kind of grand, emotive, electronic statement M83 and Fever Ray proposed, though its brasher than both - The New Zealand Herald, 4.5 stars