Aucklantis Boheme


Aucklantis compositress making art nouveau music in the antipodes for anti-podeans' parties and day to day life résistance. A patron of enjoying the spoils of discipline and invigorating satin oils.

Written, recorded, and produced by Lily Van Buskirk herself in her apartment, these limited edition (run of 35) cassettes of Aucklantis Boheme were printed by Independent Woman Records, and come complete with printed album cover and tracklist.

" Sounds like Lana Del Rey meets Folk Implosion in an anechoic chamber" - The Expert

1. Aucklantis Boheme
2. Stardoll Opera Soc.
3. Faith Venture
4. Location
5. La Mer
6. Ddreamwax Deux
7. Czar Plaza
8. Hedychrumm
9. Casa Holtz
10. Crust
11. My Apprenticeships