LIL LOTUS - Error Boy – Flying Out
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Error Boy

Vinyl LP


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LiL Lotus is the creative persona of LA based (Dallas, Texas born) singer / producer and multi-instrumentalist John “Elias” Villagran. As LiL Lotus, Villagran employs his seemingly limitless vocal range and draws from his vast array of influences in rock, pop-punk, and hip-hop to create genre-blending music. LiL Lotus’ sound has evolved pivoting decisively into a new lane that is opened up in rock, and his new material is, by far, the strongest of his career.

Lotus has collaborated with best in the scene across many genres, from his trio project, Boyfreindz, with his constant collaborators, emo rap/rockstars Lil Aaron and Smrtdeath, to his frontman gig with metalcore band, If I Die First, LiL Lotus is one of the hardest working singers in LA.

ERRØR BØY will be LiL Lotus’ first full length album and first physical release. The album features the genre-crushing Romantic Disaster, an infectious electropop duet with charismatic singer, Chrissy Costanza (Against The Current), as well as song features from Travis Barker and Lil Aaron.


  1. Think Of Me Tonight
  2. Romantic Disaster (feat Chrissy Costanza)
  3. Over and Over Again
  4. Rooftop 
  5. Butterfly K
  6. Girl Next Door (feat. Lil Aaron)
  7. Lips That Kill 
  8. Doctor Doctor
  9. No Getting Over This (feat. Travis Barker) 
  10. Fake Love
  11. Why U Do Me Like This 
  12. Don't Fuck This Up (feat. Travis Barker)