Leonard Cohen: Greatest Hits



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Leonard Cohen - Greatest Hits album by Leonard Cohen, originally released in 1975. In some countries from Europe, it was released under the title Greatest Hits. This alternative title was used for the original vinyl release and for CD reissues from the 1980s onwards. The front cover photograph was taken in 1968 in a Milan hotel room, according to Cohen's liner notes. Alternative rock band Ween based the album cover for their 1991 album, The Pod, after this photograph.


  1. Suzanne 
  2. Sisters of Mercy 
  3. So Long, Marianne 
  4. Bird on the Wire 
  5. Lady Midnight (Album Version)
  6. The Partisan
  7.  Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye
  8. Famous Blue Raincoat
  9.  Last Year's Man (Album Version)
  10.  Chelsea Hotel #2 (Album Version)
  11. Who By Fire (Album Version)
  12. Take This Longing (Album Version)