Basement Donuts


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 Now repressed on 2 limited edition colour vinyl - PURPLE DONUT colored vinyl with PINK in color and OLD FASHIONED donut coloured vinyl with HONEY GLAZE frosting.

A modern funk reinterpretation of the classic hip hop album - now available on LP

"Every February we honor James Dewitt "J Dilla" Yancey's birth, passing & the release of his classic album "DONUTS" ten years ago.

Down in scenic Auckland, New Zealand, tucked in a small basement studio, musician Leonard Charles & his friends paid tribute to Dilla's landmark release by re-recording the entire 31-track album on live instruments. Charles gives the tracks a modern funk reinterpretation on live bass, drums, clavinet, Rhodes & synths - sans any sampling of the original source or sourced material. Featuring vocals by Anji Toy, Adi Dick, Ruby Walsh and Georgia Anne Muldrow on the emotional tribute "Airworks (Forever)".

Leonard Charles "Basement Donuts" [HNR60] is available for digital download as well as on limited-edition Cassette tape (only 100 made!). Each 38-minute collectible tape contains a glossy insert with artwork, album credits & instrumentation listing, plus each cassette casing comes in random colors of solid green, black, yellow, red, white or blue.

Look for more surprises as we keep J Dilla's brilliant star shining... and TURN IT UP!" - H+R

Artist: Leonard Charles
Title: Basement Donuts
Label: HIT+RUN
Year: 2016
Format: Cassette


Leonard Charles: Vocals, Roland MP-600, Akai MPC60, Roland Rhythm330, Roland D-50, Drums, Roland Juno-60, Hohnor Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Precision Bass, Ibanez GB-10, Percussion, Ableton Push, Roland Alpha Juno-1.
Georgia Anne Muldrow: Vocals on "Airworks (Forever)"
Ruby Walsh: Vocals on "Light My Fire", "Stop", "Airworks (Forever)", "Dilla Says Go" & "Bye"
Anji Toy: Vocals on "Waves", "People", "The Diff'rence"
Adi Dick: Vocals on "Dilla Says Go"
Mastered by A.P. / GS Mastering & Post
Icon by Jellphonic
Design by Brandy Flower

Track List:

  1. Donuts (Outro)
  2. Workinonit
  3. Waves
  4. Light My Fire
  5. The New Stop People
  6. The Diff'rence
  7. Mash
  8. The Donut of the Heart
  9. Glazed
  10. Airworks (Forever) (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  11. Lightworks
  12. Stepson of the Clapper
  13. The Twister (Huh, What?)
  14. One Eleven
  15. Two Can Win
  16. Don't Cry
  17. Anti-American Graffiti
  18. Geek Down
  19. Thunder
  20. Gobstopper
  21. One for Ghost
  22. Dilla Says Go
  23. Walkinonit
  24. The Factory
  25. U-Love
  26. Hi
  27. Bye
  28. Last Donut of The Night
  29. Welcome To The Show