Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset

In 2014, Richard Edwards (then frontman of Margot & the Nuclear So and So's) was diagnosed with a potentially fatal stomach ailment, lost 50 pounds, was to forced to abandoned a sold out tour, and spent the next couple years recovering and writing a record about absence. With his marriage also ending he moved into a basement, underwent surgery on his abdomen, and re-wrote the record about absence. The result is Edwards' first effort post-Margot "Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset".

Produced by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Cass McCombs, Beck) the album brings together friends, both old and new, for a sound that may be familiar to some fans of his former band, but more rightly a step into new territory. "I hope it sounds like being lost in an ocean", says Edwards.


1. (beware the golden fang) 
2. Lil Dead Eye-d 
3. Git Paid 
4. Fool 
5. Disappeared Planets 
6. Postcard 
7. Management of Savagery 
8. When You Get Lost 
9. Lemon 
10. Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' 
11. Sister Wives 
12. Pornographic Teens 
13. (chakra khan) 
14. Moonwrapped