Vinyl LP (Green)
Listen, let's be real - it's Leisure's world, and we're just living in it. The veritable supergroup of some of Aotearoa's finest producers and songwriters are that rare case of a band being more than the sum of its parts, and Leisure have proved across their last three records, and some 350 million streams, that they know what makes a good song great. Fourth album Leisurevision arrives today at last, with the packaging, vinyl, and concept of the record being "green". It's not easy being green, but Leisure always make it seem effortless. - Flying Out

Encapsulated by the colour Green - symbolic of growth, renewal, and rebirth - Leisurevision sees the world through that lens, navigating the human experience, and all the hope, joy, chaos and euphoria it entails.


  1. Always
  2. Still Rolling
  3. Flame
  4. Back In Love
  5. All The Goodtimes Never Die
  6. Last Dance
  7. Rescue Me
  8. Above Me
  9. Too Much
  10. Level
  11. Summer Season
  12. Mellow