Black Art From The Black Ark



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In the film Roots, Rock, Reggae there is extraordinary footage of Lee 'Scratch' Perry producing a session at the Black Ark. The sequence shows Junior Murvin collaborating with members of The Congos and The Heptones on a song improvised on the spot for the film crew. Before the vocals are recorded, The Upsetters lay down the backing track. The musical director of the session is the afro-haired bass player, Boris Gardiner. Gardiner was one of Jamaica's top bass players and arrangers in the 60s and 70s creating a run of classic tunes at Studio One. Gardiner's contributions to the music produced at The Black Ark are featured here on this 16 track 2xLP (CD features 2 bonus tracks) that features work from The Upsetters, Junior Murvin, Jimmy Riley, and more. Black Art From The Black Ark contains features two previously unreleased dubplate mixes, several 12" mixes and and extended mix of Scratch's What A Sin.


1. Junior Murvin - Roots Train (previously unreleased dub plate mix)
2. Jimmy Riley - Woman Gotta Have Love (previously dubplate mix)
3. The Upsetters - Set Up Yourself
4. Henrick Nicholson - Brotherly Love
5. Junior Murvin - Lets Fall In Love
6. Eric Donaldson - Say A Little Prayer 12' Mix
7. Jimmy Riley - I Never Had It So Good
8. Junior Murvin - Mr Craven
9. Lord Creator - Such Is Life
10. The Upsetters - Such Is Life Version
11. Danny Clarke - Nuh Fi Run It Down
12. The Upsetters - Nuh Fi Run It Down Version
13. What A Sin (Extended Mix)
14. Bobby Ellis - Ska Baby
15. The Upsetters - Ska Version
16. The Upsetters - Beard Man Shuffle
17. Bree Daniels - Oh Me Oh My
18. The Upsetters - Oh Me Oh Dub