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Riot Boi - Flying Out


Riot Boi

XL Recordings

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The Manhattan-born rapper and producer is trying to tackle issues of prejudice and discrimination without forgetting his duties as an entertainer. How do you talk about politics without being that person at the party talking about politics? he asks.

His vocal timbre is deep and wheezy. His tone is relaxed, but hes armed with a sharp wit. Le1fs career trajectory spans over six years, three mixtapes and two EPs, and with his forthcoming debut album Riot Boi which will be released via a joint venture deal between XL Recordings and Terrible Records hes about to step on a higher pedestal. But this time, hes not settling for apathy; baring his sharpened teeth to condescending critics and backwards-thinking rap conservatives. - Crack Magazine



1 Hi
2. Rage
3. Grace, Alek or Naomi
4. Swirl (ft Junglepussy & House of LaDosha)
5. Koi
6. Umami/Water
7. Lisa
8. Chops
9. Cheap
10. Taxi
11. Tell (ft DonChristian)
12. Change (ft Devonte Hynes & Miss geri.


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