Rollin' [with Frank Booker & The SQUIRE Remix] (Vinyl 12")

Vinyl 12"

Latinaotearoa is the vivacious and always danceable Tāmaki Makaurau outfit centred around Brazilian born Auckland DJ Bobby Brazuka and Venezuelan singer Jennifer Zea. Now here's some good news to summon the summer, Latinaotearoa have announced a limited 12" single featuring the Frank Booker & The Squire (aka Nathan Haines) remix of their disco-tastic tune Rollin'. Holy Brazil-a-boogie, Batman! - Flying Out

  1. Rollin' (feat. Nathan Haines)
  2. Rollin' (feat. Nathan Haines)[Frank Booker & The SQUIRE Remix]
  3. Rollin' (feat. Nathan Haines)Instrumental
  4. Rollin'  (feat. Nathan Haines) [Frank Booker & The SQUIRE Remix] Instrumental