Late Night Tales: Nils Frahm

2LP Vinyl

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Eclectic 2015 collection curated by & featuring Nils Frahm alongside songs by Four Tet, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Gene Autry & others. 


  1. Nils Frahm 4:33 (Exclusive John Cage Cover Version)
  2. The Baka Forest People Of South-East Cameroon* Liquindi 2 
  3. Carl Oesterhelt / Johannes Enders Divertimento Für Tenorsaxophon Und Kleines Ensemble (Part 4) 
  4. Four Tet 0181 (excerpt) 
  5. Boards Of Canada In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country 
  6. Bibio It Was Willow
  7. Dictaphone Peaks
  8. System SK20 
  9. Rhythm & Sound Mango Drive
  10. Victor Silvester It's The Talk Of The Town (Nils Frahm's '78' Recording) 
  11. Miles Davis Générique 
  12. Colin Stetson The Righteous Wrath Of An Honorable Man 
  13. Penguin Café Orchestra* Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter 
  14. Nina Simone Who Knows Where The Time Goes 
  15. Gene Autry You're The Only Star (Nils Frahm's '78' Recording) 
  16. Dinu Lipatti O Herr Bleibet Meine Freunde, BWV 147 
  17. Nina Jurisch Cleo The Cat (Exclusive Track)
  18. Dub Tractor Cirkel 
  19. The Gentleman Losers Honey Bunch 
  20. Nils Frahm Them (Solo Piano Edit - Exclusive Version)
  21. Cillian Murphy In The Morning (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece) 

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