First Contact

Vinyl LP

First Contact is the masterful debut album from Australian-Japanese siblings Amy and Josh Dowdle aka Lastlings. Following a breakout year for the pair, fans around the world are finally privy to the 12 tracks that embody this stunning offering, which includes the singles Deja Vu, I've Got You,Take My Hand, and No Time,. A beautifully complex journey through the duo's signature dark- pop compositions and tech-driven melodies, this limited edition vinyl comes complete with stunning, self-directed artwork and a fold-out poster.


  1. Deja Vu
  2. Take My Hand
  3.  Out Of Touch
  4. False Reactions
  5.  9400
  6.  Last Breath
  7.  No Time
  8.  Visions
  9.  AI
  10. Held Under
  11.  First Light
  12.  I've Got You