Vinyl LP

Originally released in October 2016 as a long-since sold-out self-released cassette, Hardly Art is proud to announce that Sleepyhead, the debut full-length from celebrated Chicago band Lala Lala, is now available for the first time ever on LP and CD (along with a new run of cassettes).

Recorded in a basement over the course of five days during a typically-inhospitable Midwestern winter, Sleepyhead is an auspicious - if, at the time, criminally overlooked - debut effort from the young songwriter Lillie West and her then-line-up of supporting players (Abby Black on drums and Karl Bernasconi on bass). Unlike 2018’s critically-acclaimed The Lamb, Sleepyhead is a rawer, more punked-up album with fewer lyrical metaphors obfuscating it’s intimate, direct emotionality. Committed to tape in an urgent outburst of creative energy, the self-produced record eschews overdubs and takes unfussy aim at the listener’s ears, heart, and the lump in their throat.

This pressing of Sleepyhead also includes new artwork and LP copies arrive on cloud-coloured vinyl.


  1. Exorcism
  2. Fuck With Your Friends
  3. Dream Song
  4. Cool Party but Then We All Left
  5. Okie Dokie Doggy Daddy
  6. Nothing
  7. Bully
  8. Monollith
  9. Bed
  10. Lala Song
  11. Future Flower