Smell the Magic (Remastered)

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This 30th-anniversary edition of the ‘90s underground rock classic
Smell the Magic includes all 9 songs from the album, remastered and
available together on vinyl for the first time ever!

A multitude of rock music scenes populated the expanse of Los Angeles
in 1989: hardcore punk, industrial goth, roots rock, and Sunset Strip
hair metal, to name a few. L7 fit into none of them, creating their
own unique blend of punk and hard, hooky rock loaded with humour and
cultural commentary.

Originally released in 1990, Smell the Magic is a landmark of '90s
feminist rock!


1. Shove
2. Fast and Frightening
3. (Right On) Thru
4. Deathwish
5. Till the Wheels Fall Off
6. Broomstick
7. Packin' a Rod
8. Just Like Me
9. American Society