Best Of The Slash Years

Vinyl LP

L7 was formed by Donita Sparks and Suzi Gardner in Los Angeles in 1985. The punk rock duo was joined by Jennifer Finch on bass guitar and Roy Koutsky on drums, with Koutsky leaving shortly after and briefly replaced by Anne Anderson in 1988. After Anderson quit the band, Demetra Dee Plakas became their permanent drummer.

Mastered for vinyl by Pete Weiss at Verdant Studios, VT, with lacquers cut by Jeff Powell for Take Out Vinyl at Sam Phillips Recording Studio. 1LP, 180g, yellow and green coloured vinyl pressed at Record Industry in the Netherlands. Record comes in a single pocket tip-on jacket with individual numbering.


  1. Pretend We're Dead
  2.  Mr. Integrity
  3. Monster
  4.  Everglade
  5.  Andres
  6.  Fuel My Fire
  7.  Freak Magnet
  8.  Can I Run
  9.  Bad Things
  10. Off The Wagon
  11.  Moonshine
  12.  Bitter Wine