L.A.B (Vinyl 2LP)

Vinyl 2LP



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L.A.B. - 12 songs which have been tested, honed and perfected live over the past three years. The musical talent and experience of all four members is undeniable, with each bringing their eclectic styles to the table. The result is an eclectic mix of reggae, electronic, blues, funk, and reggae, even heading into country at points. 

L.A.B. opens with ‘She’s Gone’, a seven-minute juggernaut, which starts as a Dire Straits-inspired guitar epic, before switching effortlessly to a blend of reggae/funk, punctuated by Shadbolt’s soaring guitar. ‘Starry Eyes’ and ‘Jimmy Boy’ are two festival-ready monsters, while ‘Umulash’ is not just a word without a dictionary definition, but is an earworm that sticks with the listener with its refrain of “Umulash – I wanna get cash”. 

Across all 12 tracks, L.A.B. shows an act with a strong sense of their own voice and sound, and all its different aspects. ‘The Watchman’ and ‘Oh-No’ both are reggae-funk tunes driven by Adams-Tamatea’s bass, while ‘Controller’ and ‘Love Will Save Me’ are ballads driven by Stu Kora’s synth sounds. ‘Sweet Water’ further shows the Pink Floyd influence with its epic reimagining of earlier track ‘Starry Eyes’, and ‘Oldman’ even features slide guitar from the Kora brother’s father. 

Over one hour long, L.A.B. is an album which wears its influences unapologetically on its sleeves, and has created an eclectic sound. It is an album which showcases four incredibly talented and experienced musicians combining in a unique way, taking all the elements of their separate musical lives, throwing them into a blender, and resulting in a listen which is unlike anything that has come before. 

  1. She's Gone
  2. Starry Eyes
  3. Jimmy Boy
  4. Umulash
  5. The Watchman
  6. Oh-No
  7. Controller
  8. Ain't No Use
  9. Love Will Save Me
  10. Sweet Water
  11. Oldman
  12. Lonely Man