Faster Than The Speed Of Time

In early 2012, Pat Kraus was dubbed a “national treasure” by Kiran Dass of the New Zealand Listener. An active participant in Kiwi music since 1998, Kraus, multi-instrumentalist and one-man band extraordinaire, has created a prolific and profound legacy in a fairly short amount of time - I mean, the guy’s got his own wikipedia page. Indebted and inspired by a history of eclectic music, Kraus’ influences span as wide as Renaissance composition to Yellow Magic Orchestra, and thank G-d they do!

2010 saw the release of his seminal work Faster Than The Speed Of Time, an LP co-released by French labels Dilettante Courtoisie and Bimbo Towers Records. Aside from drums on tracks “Electric Cyan” and “Stalking Horse,” everything was played by Kraus himself - guitar, drums, bass, and (homemade) synthesizer. Faster Than The Speed Of Time is a deep exploration into deconstructed, electrified rock n’ roll, blending kosmische psychedelia with a love for old world music.

Unfortunately for fans outside of Europe…well, international shipping can be outlandish. And like most records limited to 300 copies, Faster Than The Speed Of Time is out of print. Sorry. Was out of print. Everything changed after them boys at Moniker Records came along.

Faster Than The Speed Of Time is available digitally and on cassette April 7, 2017.