Black Elvis 2 (Electric Blue Vinyl 2LP)

Electric Blue Vinyl LP



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Get ready for a mind-bending trip through the Hiphop cosmos with the one and only Kool Keith. Black Elvis is back with his long awaited sequel.

Kool Keith takes his information-age rhymes to a whole new level, with a sound that's equal parts streets and space. Featuring collaborations with Marc Live, Raaddrr Van, Dynamite, Agallah, and the legendary Ice-T, this album will leave you reeling.

Plug in your ethernet and dial up to travel through Kool Keith’s multi-verse. Black Elvis 2 is here.


1. Black Elvis 2 (Intro) - prod. L'Orange
2. MAX
3. E-L-V-I-S
4. First Copy
5. Kindergarten Adults (feat. Raaddrr Van)
6. The Formula (feat. Marc Live & ICE-T)
7. Black Presley
8. All Marvel
9. Without My Culture (feat. Dynamite)
10. Feelin Me
11. Love Infringement
12. Space Mountain (feat. Marc Live)
13. Road Dog (feat. Agallah)
14. Machinery (feat. Raaddrr Van & Marc Live)
15. World Spin
16. Clifton's Revenge