Hud Dreems

Vinyl 2LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 debut album from Knxwledge (pronounced "knowledge"), a 26 year old Los Angeles-based beat maker. Hud Dreems contains 26 tracks of instrumental hip-hop. Standing out in a sea of producers rising from the L.A. beat scene, the prolific artist and record collector produces his sound by creating a pastiche of soul, jazz and hip-hop that melts together in a style uniquely his own. He has produced for hip-hop powerhouse Kendrick Lamar on To Pimp a Butterfly, for Joey Badass on 1999, and has released dozens of remix and beat tape collections on his Bandcamp. He calls these his "light work." Knx has found a home on Stones Throw's roster, working closely with Mndsgn and with Anderson Paak in an R&B/hip-hop collaboration as NxWorries, whose debut album will be released later in 2015.


  1. Kometostai. Aintreally Nootherwaytoputitro
  2.  Time & Tide
  3.  Tkekareofit
  4.  Mylife
  5.  Shuremng
  6.  Noflowrs[Instrw]
  7.  Dntfall
  8.  Frmnowhere
  9.  Thtroll
  10.  Letuleave.[Geekdop]
  11.  Onlijournitro
  12.  Thtbodi
  13.  Bodies[Totw]
  14.  Behindme
  15.  Faraway
  16.  Flyinglizrds
  17.  Mydesire[Fortwin] [Vanuys]
  18.  TRSH
  19.  Jstowee
  20.  Nvrending
  21.  Stilluhme
  22.  Aintitovr
  23.  Demskreets. Fekts
  24.  Beleeveibne
  25. Rightaftr[Thk]
  26. Okaiokai