1988 is the follow up to Knxwledge’s official debut album Hud Dreems (Stones Throw, 2015). The same year Hud Dreems was released Knx worked with Kendrick Lamar on To Pimp a Butterfly, earning the producer his first Grammy. A duo with Anderson .Paak called NxWorries was formed around the same time. Their single Suede became a viral hit, vaulting the singer to R&B stardom, and their album Yes Lawd! followed through on that song’s immense promise. Knx and Paak have quietly continued collaborating, and some of the new work is heard on 1988.

A prolific artist in the extreme sense of the word, Knxwledge continues to redefine instrumental hip-hop almost in real-time with a stream of beat tapes numbering in the hundreds on Bandcamp, and video remixes on Instagram.

  1. dont be afraid 
  2. [bc] tm's not promised
  3. do you 
  4. thats allwekando
  5. listen 
  6. learn 
  7. howtokope. 
  8. with[reality] 
  9. uonlygetone
  10. solivelife 
  11. be safe 
  12. watchwhoukallyourhomie 
  13. theykome&go 
  14. don_tgottabe 
  15. gangstallthetime 
  16. believeme
  17. itkanbe[sonice] feat. NxWorries 
  18. makeuseofthetime 
  19. makeitliveforever 
  20. awomanslifeislove 
  21. amansloveislife_keepon 
  22. minding_my business feat