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This EP from Chinese DJ and producer Knopha runs the gamut from jazz-tinged ambient through to comedown beats that are chilled to perfection. Released on trusted Vancouver label Mood Hut, the Kwong 12” is a tasty sampler of what this rising star is capable of. Lovely stuff! - Flying Out

Mood Hut's semi-regular forays into ambient-adjacent territory are always worth checking, largely for their preference for hallucinatory sounds, new age melodies and loved-up textures over academic concepts and po-faced experimentalism. Their latest chill-out room friendly missive, which comes courtesy of Chinese producer Knopha, embraces this approach while also offering nods to his own off-kilter dancefloor productions. So, opener 'Fizz', a languid, post-club shuffler, is followed by the jazz-flecked, opiate ambient soul of 'The Light', and the sun-bright joy of 'Mizu Le Gout', where loose-limbed breakbeats, star-burst melodies and cut-up vocal snippets catch the ear. Arguably best of all, though, is the EP-closing 'Corundrum', where Mediterranean guitar sounds and echoing electronic motifs cluster around a UK garage-influenced ambient house groove.


  1. Fizz
  2. The Light Ft Fishdoll
  3. Mizu Le Goût
  4. Corundum Ft Voision Xi
  5. Corundrum

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