Dub Soundclash

Vinyl LP

King Tubby's Studio and Channel One -- two of the great Jamaican studios that produced so many of the great reggae rhythms in Kingston -- find themselves here battling for the trophy. Bunny Lee threw rhythms over to Channel One, which had enlisted the great DJ Jah Stitch to return the fire. So sit back and enjoy two great institutions of the reggae sound, battling it out for supremacy. The winner? That's for the listener to decide. But in this Dub Soundclash there is no loser.


  1. Channel One Feel This
  2. Suntest Mash the Boy Crucial Bunny
  3. Another Extra from the King
  4. Hot Them King and Scientist
  5. King Tubby and Bunny Is Here to Stay
  6. Channel One with Crucial Bunny at the Control
  7. Be Channel One Guest
  8. Straight to King Tubby and Channel One Head
  9. Musical Shock Attack from Channel One
  10. More of King Tubby's Scientist Sound Call Earthquake
  11. Kaya Feel It
  12. Jammy's a Shine
  13. Tubby's a Rock It
  14. Easy Skanking to Channel One Head
  15. King Tubby's Style It
  16. Crucial Bunny Rub Up