Dub Mix It Up Rare Dubs 1975-1979

Vinyl LP

Comprised of Tappa Zukie-produced tunes dubbed either at King Tubby's or indeed by the King himself.

Expect to hear rare versions of Knowledge tracks "Population," "Words Sounds and Power," Prince Alla's "Slavemaster," Junior Ross & The Spears' "You Can't Run," "Judgement Time," Alton Ellis' "Ain't That Loving You," Ronnie Davis' "No Weak Heart," and a reworking of the "Shank I Sheck" rhythm.


  1. Population Dub
  2. Strange Dub
  3. Take 5 Dub 
  4. Slavemaster 
  5. Words, Sounds & Dubwise
  6. Judgement Dub
  7. Upper 1st Street Dub 
  8. Run & Hide The Dub 
  9. Give Me Your Dub 
  10. Syndicate Dub 
  11. Shank I Sheck
  12. Wicked Dub