More Jammys From The Roots

Vinyl 2LP

More Jammys From The Roots puts a spotlight mid to late eighties Jammy's productions of some of reggae's finest rhythms both vintage (Stalag, Real Rock, African Beat, Satta) and up-to-the-time (32 Chip, Run down the World). Featured vocalists include Junior Murvin, Dennis Brown, Horace Andy, Johnny Osbourne, and Wailing Souls.


Side A
1. Wayne Smith - My Lord, My God
2. Echo Minott - Living In The Ghetto
3. Junior Murvin - Cool Down The Heat
4. Youthman - Mr. Boss Man
5. Al Campbell - Can't Take The Pressure

Side B
1. Junior Delgado - Rasta People
2. Prince Junior - Crucial Boy
3. Pad Anthony - Dangerous System
4. King Kong - Move Insane
5. Nitty Gritty - Down In The Ghetto

Side C
1. Junior Delgado - Illegal Gun
2. Little Twitch - Devil Send You Come
3. Horace Andy - Live And Save Life
4. Little Kirk - Don´t Touch The Crack
5. Super Black - Bad Boy Gone A Jail

Side D
1. Cornell Campbell - Nothing Don´t Come Easy
2. Admiral Tibet - Serious Time
3. King Everal - Must Have To Free
4. Johnny Osbourne - Dem A Terrorist
5. Wailing Souls - Spread Propaganda