Take Me To Your Leader (20th Anniversary Edition) (Vinyl 2LP + 7")

Vinyl 2LP (with Bonus 7")


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20th anniversary edition. Reissue is original artwork, 2LP black vinyl and packaged with the original 7” black vinyl of Anti-Matter. Cream 1cm spined sleeve with burgundy foiling. Original 12”  insert “cutout” design reimagined on a perforated card insert.

Honestly, a single bar into Fazers from Take Me To Your Leader and you're hooked, you're in. The second solo album from the late enigmatic rapper MF DOOM, here going by the name King Geedorah, Take Me To Your Leader was released an unbelievable twenty years ago. Now, to celebrate the milestone, Ninja Tune have put together a particularly sexy black vinyl reissue that includes the full album and the Anti-Matter 7" as one tidy package. - Flying Out

The second studio album by British-American MC / producer MF DOOM, released under 'King Geedorah', an alias the legendary rapper used as part of the underground super-group Monsta Island Czars (MIC). Based on the three-headed King Ghidorah, a fictional monster who appears as Godzilla's enemy in the Godzilla films, Geedorah is coming down from outer space to give us an alien view on our world and our hip hop. The album features guest appearances from MF Grimm (as Jet Jaguar) as well as other MIC members. One of the few records of his career to be entirely self-produced, written, recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered, it occupies a unique place in his catalogue.


1. Fazers 
2. Fastlane
3. Krazy World
4. The Final Hour
5. Monster Zero
6. Next Levels 
7. No Snakes Alive 
8. Anti-Matter
9. Take Me To Your Leader 
10. Lockjaw 
11. I Wonder 
12. One Smart N*gger