King Chango

Vinyl LP

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If you like your alterna-ska more original and experimental than the majority of the genre's other bands, it's a safe bet you'll appreciate King Changó's self-titled debut. Mixing its ska with Latin sounds and singing in several different languages, the large band should be given credit for trying new musical approaches. King Changó have no problem creating a party-like atmosphere with their music, and they don't limit themselves to just one style. 


  1. "Don't Drop Your Pants" 
  2. "Confesión" 
  3. "God Damn Killers" 
  4. "So Sweet" 
  5. "Empty Hands Are My Weapon" 
  6. "Melting Pot Intro" 
  7. "Melting Pot" 
  8. "Revolution/Cumbia Reggae" 
  9. "African Fever" 
  10. "Pisando la Serpiente" 
  11. "Latin Ska" 
  12. "Torero" 
  13. "French Lady"

RIYL: Los Mentas, Antidoping, Zapato3

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