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Sonic Youth founder and all-round icon Kim Gordon is currently in a gloriously cool second act in her wild and wonderful career, and this follow-up to her debut solo album is set to solidify her status as a total boss. Built on the blown-out distorted beats and production of Justin Raisen (Charli XCX, Yves Tumor, Yeah Yeah Yeahs), the songs on The Collective almost sound as if they could be backing tracks for some deranged and paranoid rapper, but thankfully we've been gifted a set of hypnotic mantras and deadpan deliveries from Kween Kim, with drone-tastic new single Bye Bye having us hooked from the get-go. - Flying Out

Legendary musician and multi-disciplinary artist Kim Gordon returns with her second solo album, The Collective, which will be released March 8th on Matador. Recorded in her native Los Angeles, The Collective follows Gordon’s 2019 full-length debut No Home Record and continues her collaboration with producer Justin Raisen (Lil Yachty, John Cale, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Charli XCX, Yves Tumor), with additional production from Anthony Paul Lopez. The album advances their joint world building, with Raisin’s damaged, blown out dub and trap constructions playing the foil to Gordon’s intuitive word collages and hooky mantras, which conjure communication, commercial sublimation and sensory overload.

  1. Bye Bye
  2. The Candy House
  3. I Don’t Miss My Mind
  4. I’m a Man
  5. Trophies
  6. It’s Dark Inside
  7. Psychedelic Orgasm
  8. Tree House
  9. Shelf Warmer
  10. The Believers
  11. Dream Dollar