SYR5 (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

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Taking a breather from the Free Kitten snazz (while Miss Julie births Alice and teaches inner city high school, Yoshimi lives about 10,000 miles away and Mark Ibold is aswamp in the madness that is Pavement), Sonic Youth's femme-mystere Kim Gordon has created a distinctly new trio of spontaneous composition and prose. Since reclaiming the electric guitar (her original instrument with the Sonic Youth) and developing a newfound post-Patty Waters free-vox technique, she has enjoined her vision with the improvisational meta-talents of Ikue Mori (ex-drummer of no wave legends DNA, currently in a class by herself with other-world sampling) and DJ Olive (of the wizardly We, coiner of the ill term "illbient" and regarded by those in the heavy underground of postbeat turntable/drum'n'whatever as "the heaviest"). Together the trio hit the local boards throughout 1999 and created a unified concept of sound/energy dynamix. They recorded with engineer Wharton Tiers and mixmaster Jim O'Rourke for the first recording on SYR not by Sonic Youth proper (a situation which will be, possibly, expanded upon). The results, which also feature the magic fingers of Cibo Matto's Yuka Honda on a track, are at once sensuous, elegant and completely blistering. This is truly the new illprovisation rising up from ground zero.


1. Olive's Horn
2. International Spy 
3. Neu Adult 
4. Paperbag 
5. Stuck On Gum 
6. Fried Mushroom 
7. What Do You Want 
8. Lemonade 
9. We Are The Princesses 
10. Take Me Back 
11. Take It To The Hit 

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