Forest of Lost Children

Beyond Beyond Is Beyond US


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Sharpening their improvisational skills by busking on the streets of their native Tokyo, Kikagaku Moyo's Forest of Lost Children, is a face-melting, recorded-ritual sophomore album. Boundless though they may be, Kikagaku Moyo here sound anything but lost, their child-like wonder manifested in a confident, courageous exploration of psychedelic, folk, prog-rock, psychedelic-folk-mixed-with-prog-rock sounds, illuminated by nothing more than the geometric patterns playing behind the band's eyelids, resulting in a natural, free-floating sound, as of-the-earth as it is intergalactic.


A1 Semicircle
A2 Kodama
A3 Smoke And Mirrors
B1 Streets Of Calcutta
B2 Hem
B3 White Moon