Clean Hands Go Foul (Reissue) (Vinyl LP, Gold Nugget)

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Vinyl LP (Gold Nugget)



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Clean Hands Go Foul (2009) generously offers more of everything: voluminous drones, clashing dissonance, mysterious subharmonic swells, escalating terror, and environments drenched in heavy anticipatory dread. The final hour of the band's first decade sees Khanate, as always, making "music that, even in the realm of extreme music, is dark and distorted" (Pitchfork). Clean Hands Go Foul would be followed by the ultimate minimalism, as the Khanate entity sat shrouded in silence until the release of 2023's To Be Cruel.


1. Wings from Spine
2. In That Corner
3. Clean My Heart
4. Every God Damn Thing

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