Into this juvenile apocalypse our golden blood to pour let us never

Vinyl 2LP

Thrill Jockey Records is proud to present Into this juvenile apocalypse our golden blood to pour let us never, the third collaborative album by Japanese free music provocateur Keiji Haino and expressionist metal trio SUMAC.

Like its predecessor, Even for just the briefest moment Keep charging this “expiation” Plug in to make it slightly better (Trost Records, 2019), Into this juvenile apocalypse captures Haino and the three members of SUMAC live on stage, navigating a series of spontaneous compositions in front of an attentive audience, with no prior discussions or planning involving the direction of the music. While all four participants agree that the Even for just the briefest moment session documents a particularly circuitous journey from discord to synchronicity, they also agree that Into this juvenile apocalypse finds the quartet navigating the push-and-pull of creative interplay with bolder strides and stronger chemistry. Recorded on May 21, 2019, at the Astoria Hotel on Vancouver BC’s notorious East Hastings Street as a one-off performance during a short North American tour for Haino, the six compositions comprising Into this juvenile apocalypse showcase a musical unit bouncing unfiltered ideas off of one another, mining a trove of textures and timbres from their armory to buoy and bolster these living and breathing pieces. Like so many albums documenting free music, the thrill here is in the tight rope walk, the wavering moments of uncertainty, and the ecstatic moments of shared brilliance.


  1. When Logic Rises Morality Falls Logic and Morality in Japanese Are but One Character Different 
  2. A Shredded Coiled Cable Within This Cable Sincerity Could Not Be Contained 
  3. Into This Juvenile Apocalypse Our Golden Blood to Pour Let Us Never 
  4. Because the Evidence of a Fact Is Valued Over the Fact Itself Truth??? Becomes Fractured 
  5. That Fuzz Pedal You Planted in Your Throat, Its Screw Has Started to Come Loose Your Next Effects Pedal Is up to You Do You Have It Ready? 
  6. That “Regularity” of Yours, Can You Throw It Further Than Me? And I Don’t Mean “Discarding” It