Missing Person

Vinyl LP

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While the fantastically warped wonderland of Kelsey Karter's debut full-length album, Missing Person offers a much-needed escape from the everyday, the sonic world that the LA-based Kiwi artist has created serves an even greater purpose, providing a safe space for listeners to discover their own self-acceptance. Featuring some pre-released singles, alongside some brand new songs; the record includes tracks such as "Stick To Your Guns," "Liquor Store on Mars" (which features The Struts' very own Adam Slack), and stand out track "You Only Die Once." Bringing listeners into her unique and vibrant world, we are immersed in a record that is a captivating mass of theatrical rock and roll grandeur. A stunning and exhilarating compilation of songs, Missing Person is a perfect introduction to Kelsy Karter, and her bright and wonderful world.


  1. You Only Die Once
  2. Goodness Gracious
  3. Stick to Your Guns
  4. I'm So Mad at Him
  5. Devil on My Shoulder
  6. Villain
  7. Love Me or Hate Me
  8. God Knows I've Tried
  9. Catch Me if You Can
  10. Int - Coffee Shop - Next Morning
  11. Liquor Store on Mars
  12. New Recording 254 (Outro)