Puerile Politics

Vinyl 12"

Haven are kicking off 2020 with a boom with a new EP of politically pessimistic dance-floor-ready weapons from label boss Keepsakes. Following on from his exploration of chunky slow rippers on 2019’s Modern Anxious Vernacular, this next edition in the Haven mastermind’s discography puts greater emphasis on rhythmic groove for the dancers among us.

The record starts with And So The Feckless Fall on the A1, featuring shuffling drum rhythms and ethereal vocal work, descending in to a menacing, swung synth-line for maximum club effect. This is followed by Blue Boy Fucks It All on the A2. Reminiscent of the slo-mo bangers of Keepsakes’ last EP, this crawler of a track is initially propelled by its moody synth melody and booming drums, with a mid-track switch up putting melancholic pad chords front-and-centre. The flip side begins with Ignorant Irony - a certified floor smasher prioritising groove with it’s swinging drum rhythms, cheeky vocal samples and sinister synth sounds. The record ends with a remix of the B1 from UVB - who reimagines the track in to a sneering, ominous slammer, with brutal yet groovy drum work and sampling closing the EP with another no-nonsense banger.


  1. And So The Feckless Fall 
  2. Blue Boy Fucks It All 
  3. Ignorant Irony 
  4. Ignorant Irony (UVB Remix)