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Chapter Music release the first ever vinyl reissue of Finally, a classic overview of Connecticut songwriting icon Kath Bloom’s 1990s recordings originally released by Chapter on CD in 2006.

Kath’s musical career began in the late 70s and includes a series of revered collaborations with avant-garde guitarist Loren Connors. Compiled from long out-of-print, self-released cassettes and CD-Rs, Finally was the first release to bring Kath’s solo music to wider attention in the 21st century, and she has since been covered by the likes of Pitchfork, The Wire and Aquarium Drunkard.

Finally includes the exquisite Come Here, as heard in a pivotal scene in Richard Linklater’s beloved 1995 film Before Sunrise. In fact, this reissue features new artwork matching the fictitious LP Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke marvel over in a Viennese record store.

The reissue includes five digital bonus tracks, rescued from a hissy 1987 demo tape. These late 80s versions of Kath’s songs with synth, sax, fretless bass and bongos, including a never before heard version of Come Here, are sublime! Kath’s music was covered by the likes of Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart, Mark Kozelek, Meg Baird on Chapter’s 2009 tribute album Loving Takes This Course. Covers from this release have also been featured in Paolo Sorrentino film Youthand recent Netflix smash series Sex Education.


1. Come Here
2. It's Just a Dream
3. Forget About Him
4. A Homeless Dream
5. Who You Are
6. You and I Keep Falling
7. Can't Rise to Your Feet
8. What Is Really Beautiful
9. Fall Again
10. Sand in My Shoe
11. We Crossed Over
12. I Wanna Love
13. In Your School
14. Finally

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