Room For The Moon

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On Room for the Moon, Kate NV follows the muse of music from one chamber of illusion to the next, harmonizing lunar lullabies with a starry compositional choreography. Conjured from unlived memories of ‘70s and ‘80s Russian and Japanese pop music and film, Room for the Moon is a 20th century fairy tale suspended in time like a moon torn from a paper sky.

Pitchfork Album featured at #42 of 50 Best Albums of 2020

Pitchfork Album included in Best Electronic Releases list

Loud and Quiet Lists album at #39 of 40 Best Albums of 2020

Mixmag Album featured as one of the Best Albums of 2020

Brooklyn Vegan Best of 2020

“From fronting the avant-garde post-punk band Glintshake to crafting the buoyant ambiance of her previous solo effort, she has been anything but predictable throughout her career. It would be wrong to call her a shapeshifter, though, as everything NV does is unmistakably her. Here, she melds the experimentation of для FOR with the pop sensibilities found within her debut, Binasu, and elevates her sound to a higher plane.” 8/10 – Line of Best Fit 

“The mood is shadowy and slinky, building to a chorus where her vocals arc up as though they’re ascending a ladder. Shilonosova recenters her vocals and molds bold new shapes around them, crafting a languorous, dreamy take on synth-pop that’s her most hypnotic work yet.”  Pitchfork

RIYL Laurel Halo, Kate Bush, Pat Benetar, Kedr Livanskiy, Arp


1. Not Not Not
2. Du Na
3. Sayonara (Full Moon Version)
4. Ça Commence Par
5. Marafon 15
6. Tea (Full Cup Version)
7. Lu Na
8. Plans
9. If Anyone's Sleepy
10. Telefon
11. Sayonara