Another Fork in the Road: 50 Years of Kansas


Kansas celebrates their auspicious career with the release of Another Fork In The Road - 50 Years Of Kansas.Featuring carefully selected songs from every single Kansas album over three discs, Another Fork In The Road also includes a new version of Can I Tell You. Originally recorded and released on their 1974 debut, the song is updated by the current line-up, providing a full-circle perspective on the band's long and continuing history. This 3-CD set also displays a variety of memorabilia spanning five decades, contributed by Kansas super-fans, plus an essay that includes recollections from all current band members, as well as long-time producer Jeff Glixman and onetime manager Budd Carr.Another Fork In The Road is a comprehensive summation of everything that is great about this treasured progressive rock band from America’s heartland. From their monolithic epics to their knack for symphonic grace and complex melodic passages, this overview underscores the band’s considerable artistic legacy. It is a celebration of passion and perseverance, carefully curated, lovingly presented, and fully approved by the band and their current label, InsideOutMusic. 


1. Can I Tell You (new 2022 version)
2. The Absence of Presence
. Throwing Mountains
4. Crowded Isolation 
5. Summer 
6. The Voyage of Eight Eighteen 
7. Icarus II 
8. The Coming Dawn (Thanatopsis) 
9. Distant Vision 
10. The Wall
11. Dust in the Wind 
12. Desperate Times  
13. Under the Knife 
14. Fight Fire With Fire
15. End of the Age
16. Incident on a Bridge 
17. Play the Game Tonight 
18. Crossfire 
19. Windows 
20. Hold On 
21. Loner
22. Curtain of Iron 
23. No One Together 
24. On the Other Side 
25. Angels Have Fallen 
26. How My Soul Cries Out For You 
27. Carry On Wayward Son (Live)
28. Portrait (He Knew)
29. Sparks of the Tempest 
30. Miracles Out of Nowhere 
31. Magnum Opus 
32. Icarus - Borne on Wings of Steel 
33. Child of Innocence 
34. Down the Road 
35. Song for America
36. The Devil Game 
37. Death of Mother Nature Suite 

38. Belexes 

39. Journey from Mariabronn