Mint Chip

Vinyl LP

Since 2015, Kamikaze Palm Tree have been a relative mystery. Now, in times no less mysterious, Drag City welcomes them to their tropical island destination, celebrating the energy of their second album where Kamikaze Palm Tree play their offbeat strain of 21st Century rock.

For their sophomore effort/Drag City debut, the enigmatic duo expand into eight-armed wonder; all the better to reach ever-deeper into their bag o' tricks. Slinky and sliding elegantly, the kids forge tunes with a harmony of ambiguity and nostalgia, effortless yet precise, and rounded with thick bottom - a dancing clash of cognition and dissonance.


A1. Flamingo
A2. In The Sand 
A3. Bongo's Lament
A4. Predicament 
A5. Club Banger
A6. West Side Syncopation 
A7. Y So K
B1. Cole's Milk
B2. Smoke On The Milk, But My War 
B3. Mint Chip
B4. Come In Alone
B5. Chariot On Top
B6. The Hit 
B7. Stabilo