Love Ain't Nothin' But a Business Goin' On (Reissue) (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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This Mississippi music man knew a thing or two about a perfect groove, and delivered them by the dozen on this remarkable early 70s essential. Known throughout his career for his blues chops, Parker eventually went down a very funky avenue indeed, and this - one of the last albums he would ever record - is one of the funkiest of his bunch. Featuring Beatles covers Taxman, Lady Madonna and Tomorrow Never Knows done in chef's kiss style, and with tunes sampled by the likes of De La Soul, Cypress Hill, and many more, this Mr Bongo reissue is a must-damn-have. - Flying Out

Next up in Mr Bongo's Groove Merchant Records reissue series, sees an outing for a much-loved and heavily sampled funk/soul/blues album by Junior Parker. Originally issued under the title The Outside Man on Capitol Records in 1970 with an alternative cover, this reissue replicates the Groove Merchant release titled Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On featuring the car cover released in 1971.

The Mississippi-born, Memphis-based blues singer, harmonica player and songwriter Junior Parker (aka Little Junior Parker) had a stellar career in music. Since the early 1950s he released records on labels such as Duke, Mercury, United Artists Records and more. Sadly though, Parker died at the young age of 39 during surgery on November 18, 1971. Originally released under the alternate title a year before his untimely death, Love Ain't Nothin' But a Business Goin' On is drenched in Parker's trademark buttery vocals and soulful grooves, swaggering between smokey blues, raw funk outings and orchestrated soul ballads (with sublime arrangements by Horace Ott). The album also features three Beatles cover versions in the form of Taxman, Lady Madonna and Tomorrow Never Knows. For Taxman, Parker completely reinterprets the song taking into a New Orleans funk realm, a sample of which was used as the main hook line on Cypress Hill's classic I Wanna Get High. Elsewhere, Tomorrow Never Knows is flipped into a tripped-out, psychedelic soul-swamp blues ballad, whilst Lady Madonna is given a funky blues makeover. As shown with Cypress Hill's use of Taxman, since the '70s Parker's legacy has been immortalised for future generations through the deep well of samples that his music has become a source of. Tracks from Love Ain't Nothin' But a Business Goin' On have been sampled by some of the biggest names out there, such as A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Shadow and de la Soul. A seriously smooth album oozing with soul and emotion from a Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Junior Parker's Love Ain't Nothin' But A Business Goin' On is a superb example of the early '70s crossover funk/soul sound.


1. Love Ain't Nothin' But a Business Goin' on
2. The Outside Man
3. Darling Depend on Me
4. Taxman
5. Rivers Invitation
6. I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
7. Just to Hold My Hand
8. You Know I Love You
9. Lady Madonna
10. Tomorrow Never Knows

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