When We Do (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP


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Never before reissued debut album by hit-making member of the Ohio Players Junie Morrison - the first of his much-sampled Westbound recordings. Junie is best known today as Funkadelic’s late 70s keyboard player who wrote their worldwide hit One Nation Under A Groove.

When We Do was released on his departure from the Ohio Players, who decided to leave Westbound after the success of Funky Worm. When We Do features Junie’s unique mix of funk and soul, including the classic Tight Rope and the title track as sampled by Lyrics Born.

Junie, who died in 2017, was celebrated by Solange Knowles and Andre 3000 of Outkast on the track Junie on her A Seat At The Table album from 2016.

When We Do is reissued on vinyl for the first time since its 1975 original release.


Side A
1. Junie
2. Loving Arms
3. Johnny Carson Samba
4. The Place
5. Anna

Side B
1. Tight Rope
2. You And You
3. When We Do
4. Married Him
5. Walt's Third Trip