Loving In Stereo


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Jungle’s Loving In Stereo is likely to become the soundtrack to a summer quite unlike any other. The duo spent the past year locked in a studio and have emerged, delivering a huge dancefloor record for the post-social distancing age, with a life-affirming, sun-kissed celebration of all the things that make music joyful. It is the first time Jungle have worked with other vocalists, Tamil-Swiss Priya Ragu and US rapper Bas both feature on the new record.

Jungle are world builders, two creative directors at the helm of an art project. Choreography lies at the heart of Jungle’s universe and this can be seen in every video they have ever made. This album takes this up a level, with the wider Jungle collective of dancers an integral aspect of how the music is experienced visually. With every video directed by Josh Lloyd Watson and long-time collaborator Charlie Di Placido, ‘Keep Moving’, will undoubtedly excite fans. Shot in one take, the video is part Birdman part West Side Story, featuring two gangs of dancers, male vs female. It opens with dancer Che Jones (who starred in the Smile video from Jungle’s last album) in his bedroom and leads into an outdoor scene where we find Mette Linturi (who starred in the Casio video from the previous album). The rest is a beautiful unravelling which is so compelling to watch it leaves the viewer with a feeling of awe and intrigue.


  1. Dry Your Tears
  2. Keep Moving
  3. All Of The Time
  4. Romeo feat Bas
  5. Lifting You
  6. Bonnie Hill
  7. Fire
  8. Talk About It
  9. No Rules
  10. Truth
  11. What D’You Know About Me
  12. Just Fly, Don’t Worry
  13. Goodbye My Love feat Priya Ragu
  14. Can’t Stop The Stars