Something in the Room She Moves (Vinyl 2LP, Deluxe Red)

Vinyl 2LP (Red)

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Seeking inspiration on her sixth album Something in the Room She Moves, LA songwriter Julia Holter looked inward, quite literally. These songs find Holter exploring the presence of being, and channeling the sounds of the internal workings of our bodies. A double album due out on Domino in late March, Something in the Room She Moves features previously released delight Sun Girl, as well as brand new single Spinning, which Pitchfork swooned over, calling it "a love song that feels like new love itself". We can't wait to feel the flow of this stunning new collection from one of music's brightest stars. - Flying Out

“My heart is loud,” Julia Holter sings on her sixth album Something in the Room She Moves, following an inner pulse. The Los Angeles songwriter’s past work has often explored memory and dreamlike future, but her latest album resides more in presence: “There’s a corporeal focus, inspired by the complexity and transformability of our bodies,” Holter says. Her production choices and arrangements form a continuum of fretless electric bass pitches in counterpoint with gliding vocal melodies, while glissing Yamaha CS-60 lines entwine warm winds and reeds. “I was trying to create a world that’s fluid-sounding, waterlike, evoking the body’s internal sound world,” Holter says of her flowing harmonic universe.

“What is delicious and what is omniscient?” she sings on Spinning, the album’s incantatory centrepiece. “What is the circular magic I’m visiting?” Or as Holter put it: “It’s about being in the passionate state of making something: being in that moment, and what is that moment?” She found it anew on Something in the Room She Moves, singing in somatic frequencies.


1. Sun Girl
2. These Morning
3. Something in the Room She Moves
4. Spinning
5. Materia
6. Meyou
7. Evening Mood
8. Ocean
9. Talking to the Whisper
10. Who Brings Me

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