Real Life Situations

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We think we know what we want. The digital age has made it easier than ever for us to get it - we can search, skip, and customize to our hearts’ content. But something is lost in this exchange - without an external perspective, how can we know what we’re missing? Juan Wauters understands this. It’s why he’s such a big fan of radio - it takes some of the power out of our hands, opening us up to new sounds, new possibilities. This is the effect he sought to reproduce on his fifth album, ​Real Life Situations, ​a multifaceted ode to surrendering control and taking life as it comes. References to radio abound on its 21 tracks, and with good reason - the album spans genres, narrators, languages, and perspectives with the ease of spinning a rotary knob.

Until recently, Wauters had viewed his solo project as just that - a singular expression of his artistic vision. A trip through Latin America while recording his last album, however, laid the groundwork for a different approach. Inviting local musicians to contribute to the songs he was working on produced a collection unlike any of his previous work, infused with the musical traditions of each country he’d visited. As a result, 2018’s ​La Onda De Juan Pablo​ and its follow-up, I​ ntroducing Juan Pablo,​ were Wauters’ most expansive and sonically diverse records to date, tracing both his Uruguayan roots and his travellers’ spirit.Newly eager to collaborate, he began reaching out to friends, travelling across North America to record with Mac DeMarco, Peter Sagar (AKA Homeshake), Nick Hakim, Cola Boyy, El David Aguilar, and more. 


  1. A JPW Headspace 2020
  2. Monsoon (with Homeshake)
  3. Sentimiento Queens
  4. Locura
  5. Ventana
  6. Presentation (with Nick Hakim & Benamin)
  7. Unity (with Cola Boyy)
  8. Real (with Mac DeMarco) 
  9. Keep Cool
  10. Carmina Pensá
  11. A Peter Pan Donuts Conversation
  12. Lion Dome (with Air Waves)
  13. JPW Talking
  14. Acordes (with Tall Juan)
  15. Bailando
  16. Estás Escuchando (with El David Aguilar)
  17. Crack Dabbling
  18. A JPW Theme Song
  19. Yendo
  20. Powder
  21. NY Weaz