Scaring The Hoes (White Vinyl LP)


October 27, 2023

White Vinyl LP
This wild ride is finally getting the vinyl release we've been waiting for. JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown broke all the brains when SCARING THE HOES landed in March of this year; its bonkers industrial-punk-soul-funk-gospel mash-up production sounds like everything all at once, and nothing else at all. You can hear their glee at what a magic mess they're making in Peggy and Danny's title track which features the sarcastic line, "We don't wanna hear that weird shit no more". Oh hell yes, we do, we do, we do! - Flying Out


1. Lean Beef Patty
2. Steppa Pig
3. Scaring the Hoes
4. Garbage Pale Kids
5. Fentanyl Tester
6. Burfict!
7. Shut Yo Bitch Ass Up / Muddy Waters
8. Orange Juice Jones
9. Kingdom Hearts Key (FT. Redveil)
10. God Loves You
11. Run the Jewels
12. Jack Harlow Combo Meal
13. Hoe (Heaven on Earth)
14. Where Ya Get Ya Coke From?