Partir to Live


Partir to Live (2012) is a non-narrative film experience in sensations, in ethical confusion, and in physical and psychic contusions, directed by Domingo Garcia-Huidobro of Föllakzoid. Dutch minimalist composer (and 2013 winner of the Cannes Soundtrack Award for his score of Only Lovers Left Alive) Jozef van Wissem’s score for the film consists of appropriated 12-string electric guitar drone, black baroque lute mirror images, and minimal electronics. Most screenings of the film have been accompanied by the score being performed live by van Wissem & Garcia-Huidobro.


1. Rain Insects 
2. Eidetic Reduction 
3. Ex Cathedra 
4. Iglesia
5. Einklammerung 
6. Moto 
7. Spectography 
8. Epoché 
9. Zeteteiko 
10. Induction
11. Ataraxia