Tudo Ben - Jorge Ben Covered



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Jorge Ben is surely one of the world's greatest all-round musical artists. He is internationally renowned and vastly influential as a vocalist, musician, performer and phenomenal songwriter. Famed for penning Taj Mahal, which was the source for Rod Stewart's Do You Think I'm Sexy?, and also Mas Que Nada, one of Brazil's most iconic anthems, Jorge Ben is a powerful musical force. A simple glance at his impressive back catalogue reveals a master of his craft, with a depth and quality that is seldom paralleled.

For Tudo Ben we take a side-step, focusing on Jorge Ben's songs that have been performed by other artists. Complied by Mr Bongo, Greg Caz and Sean Marquand, this collection features the Brazilian legends Elza Soares, Claudette Soares, and Wilson Simonal, alongside prodigious artists such as Marijô, Os Brazoes, and Doris Monteiro to name but a few. The selection covers a wide range of genres including samba, bossa nova, MPB and batacuda workouts.


  1. Salinas - Tenha FÉ, Pois Amanhã Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer
  2.  Elza Soares - Pulo, Pulo
  3.  Sonia Santos - Speed
  4.  Osmar Milito - Rita Jeep
  5.  Wilson Simonal - Zazueira
  6.  Osmar Milito - Quem Mandou
  7. Doris Monteiro - Se Você Quiser Mas Sem Bronquear
  8.  Wilson Simonal - Que Pena
  9.  Osmar Milito - Morre O Burro, Fica O Homem
  10. Os Originais Do Samba - LÁ Vem Salgueiro
  11. Os Brazões - Carolina, Carol Bela
  12. Wilson Simonal - Crioula
  13. Claudette Soares - Êles Querem É Amar
  14. Os Incríveis - Vendedor de Bananas
  15. Wilson Simonal - Brasil, Eu Fico
  16. Cyro Aguiar - Rei Do Maracatu
  17. Wilson Simonal - Resposta
  18. Elza Soares - Mas Que Nada
  19. Wilson Simonal - País Tropical
  20. Os Originais Do Samba - Cadê Tereza
  21.  Marijô - Fio Maravilha
  22. Os Originais Do Samba - Tenha FÉ, Pois Amanhã Um Lindo Dia Vai Nascer
  23. Os Brazões - Que Maravilha
  24. Os Mutreteiros Grilados - Cosa Nostra
  25. Os Originais Do Samba - Falador Passa Mal