Dance Ancestral

Vinyl LP

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Dance Ancestral is the pallet-cleanser you're looking for. JCK has worked with the likes of Solange, Frank Ocean, Sebastian Tellier and many more but his solo career is as understated as it gets, looping in Yu Su for a tandem largely-instrumental journey. Perfect if you're in search of something to make you feel good, this record has positive energy for days. - Hunter

Dance Ancestral
is the latest addition to producer and keyboardist John Carroll Kirby’s fast-growing and distinctive body of work. Dance Ancestral sees the acclaimed solo artist teaming up with Canadian producer Yu Su for an album whose central theme is the “intuitive dance” we perform throughout our lives. More electronically focused than Kirby’s previous albums, the result is a vividly imagined yet eminently listenable instrumental record.

  1. Dawn of New Day feat. Laraaji
  2. Pan's Dance
  3. Repettos for you my Lord
  4. Pause on the Ancient Ballcourt
  5. Frog Life
  6. Ghost in a Mist
  7. Messages in Water
  8. Tiptoe to the Grave
  9. Gabriel's Gig

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