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Ben and Andrew met for the first time in the summer of 2000 at a Guided By Voices gig. Introduced, they said little but raised ale glasses politely at each other in a way that didn't really forecast the beginnings of anything. That night a seed was planted, though quite possibly the best thing (also quite possibly the worst) that ever happened to them. The inspiration that was Guided By Voices; a band that could deliver pure pop pleasure, song after catchy song, chord after perfectly placed power chord and still drink like the booze was free and then still keep drinking.

At first Joed Out was a four piece, practicing in the front room of a Symonds Street slum, Auckland. They played a few gigs and had a bit of fun. Unfortunately though in the middle of 2000, the other two members decided Ben was a prick and left the band. "Never mind", said Ben and Andrew , so they retreated to New Lynn. Just the two of them, writing songs and recording them on a 4-track.

One Sunday afternoon at ye olde Kings Arms, over a few steins of ale, Ben and Andrew happened upon a page boy playing piano and singing songs that sang like Sebadoh. He happened to play bass (amongst other things) so began the ritual journey to Ace Powertools for practices and drinking sessions. His name was Matty B, already popularised by his inclusion on the Crawlspace Kiwi Music Sampler (7). They set to work practicing and writing songs, with Matty B contributing his compositions too. For over a year these three played around town, generating a buzz wherever they went, well getting drunk anyway. In mid 2001 they released the Floorshow EP, selling them at gigs and the institution that was Crawlspace Records (RIP).

In 2002 the band went down different paths for a while. Ben concentrating on the Feyodor album, and Matt and Andrew creating the Dead Souls Song Collective. In September of 2002, the band reformed twice for Andrew's 40th and Ben's 21st birthday parties. They resolved after that to release a whole albums worth of material that had been recorded but sat gathering dust in a scummy Grafton flat. They decided to call it Heroes&Zeroes. Justin Venturi Effect Schilder, guitarist for Chicane, agreed to tidy the songs up a bit at his Saltlick Studio. The band liked what Justin did. Justin liked the band. They all liked to drink. So Joed Out became 4 piece once again and that is how it remained...for a short while.

RIYL: The Verlaines, Sebadoh, Guided By Voices