Haruka Na Chi E - Nausicaa Of The Valley Of Wind: Soundtrack

Vinyl LP

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STAFF PICK "I know we can't resist Ghibli round here, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see one of their earlier (and comparatively under appreciated) releases while rummaging around. Check out "In The Sea Of Decay", if nothing else" Isaac

Tokuma presents the soundtrack for Studio Ghibli's science-fiction epic Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind.

Notable as the very first soundtrack where Joe Hisaishi collaborated with the legendary Hayao Miyazaki. The waves they called up rested on a heavily symphonic backbone, but is also highly notable for featuring a range of electro-rock and even Indian classical influences.

Gatefold sleeve features a watercolour painting for the cover of the original Nausicaa comics, as well as stills and illustrations throughout.

Also include a 4-page booklet of the score / sheet music.


Side A
1. Opening "Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind"
2. Ohmu Stampede
3. The Valley of Wind
4. The Princess Who Loves Insects
5. Kushana's Invasion
6. Battle

Side B
1. Exchange with the Ohmu
2. In the Sea of Decay
3. Annihilation of Pejite
4. Battle Between Mehve and Corvette
5. Resurrection of the Giant Warrior
6. Nausicaä – Requiem
7. Ending "Bird Person"

RIYL: Mort Garson [Plantasia], Dario Marianelli, Alexandre Desplat

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