Hands That Bind Soundtrack (Vinyl LP)

Vinyl LP

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O’Rourke’s process – sourcing resonant sounds to enmesh together into a music that supersedes their resident parts – makes a fitting soundtrack for Kyle Armstrong’s “prairie gothic” tale of down-on-the-farm horror way up north in Canada. His minimalist score inhabits the wide open, big sky landscape, flowing into suddenly-deep (and opaque) emotional waters, then panning out to a chilly omniscient remove.


1. Go Spend Some Time With Your Kids
2. Wasn’t There Last Night
3. He’s Only Got One Oar In The Water
4. That’s Not How The World Works
5. A Man’s Mind Will Play Tricks On Him
6. Here Is Where I Seem To Be / The Good Lord Doesn’t Need Paperwork
7. You Have No Idea What I Want
8. One Way Or Another I’m Gone

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